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BT Lancashire Services - Self-service ICT incident logging for schools

Following feedback from schools, we've made a couple of changes over the summer to the online facility enabling you to report your ICT incidents through the BTLS Education website.

The user guide has been updated and explains these changes but in summary:

  • You can now attach files to your incident, for example, a screenshot showing error messages
  • There is a facility to make your incident "Confidential"

In case you haven't used this facility before, there are a number of benefits related to using this form to report incidents as opposed to telephony or email:

  • Its more convenient to report a fault.  Using this form, you can report issues at any time of the day (or night) so no need to wait for the Service Centre to open.
  • You can avoid telephony and lengthy call waiting times
  • You can track your incidents (or any other raised by your school) from one central location.
  • You can communicate with ICT staff working on your incident online, checking progress, adding new information, or responding to further questions from ICT.

The service is available by clicking on the My ICT Incidents link on the BTLS Education website once logged in.  On this page we have provided full user guidance so you can start using it immediately.  Why not give it a try?  Feedback from schools already using the facility has been very positive.

Netsweeper Filtering

Safeguarding and Security

Netsweeper filtering is the new product chosen by BT Lancashire Services to provide internet filtering to connected schools. It provides enhanced SSL Filtering as standard, excellent reporting facilities and a secure dual site configuration, it is also compliant with the UK Safer Internet Centre guidance. Click and log-in here to find out further information.