2019/2020 Service Definition

Microsoft Annual Licensing

About the Service

The BT Lancashire Services Microsoft Annual Licensing service is a convenient and cost effective way to purchase the Microsoft Education Desktop bundle licensing for your school. BTLS has arranged a single framework agreement that allows any of its school customers to join its Microsoft Enrolment for Education Solutions (EES) Annual License Agreement. The Agreement is currently valid from 01 December 2017 to 30 November 2020.

The EES agreement enables your School to ensure it has licenses to cover the use of a range of Microsoft products school wide and to ensure it complies with its licensing obligations.

Please note that any license types which are not covered by the annual licensing agreement can be purchased via our separate BTLS Microsoft Select Agreement. Most desktop requirements can be met by the EES Agreement.

What are the benefits?

BTLS Microsoft EES Agreement (Annual Billing)

  • Ensures licensing compliance for all Microsoft software in the Education Bundle covered by the agreement
  • Licenses your whole school for the latest versions of all software covered by the agreement for the life of the agreement
  • Helps your school with budget planning by ensuring your school has guaranteed cost effective pricing for the term of the agreement
  • The agreement is open to any school that is a customer of BT Lancashire Services, including those that do not currently buy technical support or hardware from BTLS
  • Student Advantage allowing schools who purchase EES and hold a valid Office 365 tenancy can provide use at home versions of Office for students and teachers

BTLS Microsoft Select Agreement (One-off Purchases)

  • Outright purchase, no annually recurring expenditure however upgrades to later versions will not be included unless software assurance has also been purchased.

Both agreements are fully supported by Phoenix, BT Lancashire Services' Microsoft reseller to ensure that any queries are addressed expertly.