2019/2020 Service Definition

Wi-Fi Support Service

About the Service

Our Wi-Fi Support Service can be used to support schools with Wi-Fi enabled learning spaces, single Wi-Fi enabled classrooms or Wi-Fi flooded schools. It includes comprehensive support for your school's Wi-Fi system and is designed primarily as an add-on to your Technical Support Visits for Curriculum Networks service.

Our Wi-Fi installation service ensures that the underlying Wi-Fi hardware and controller are correctly configured to balance devices around the Wi-Fi network and ensuring the ongoing performance of your system.

What are the benefits?

  • Wi-Fi networks allow staff and pupils with a wireless-enabled device e.g. laptop, netbook, tablet or iPad to exchange data or access the internet without the need for a physical cabled connection.
  • Our Wi-Fi Installation and Support services can help resolve situations where there is no existing cabled infrastructure in place or where cabling isn't possible (e.g. listed buildings, large open spaces). Many modern devices such as tablets and iPads only have Wi-Fi connectivity and rely on having a robust Wi-Fi network for their effective use in the classroom.
  • Our Wi-Fi networks provide an option for an essential upgrade to your school's network infrastructure, as the numbers of Wi-Fi devices increase in school, old Wi-Fi networks may struggle to keep pace.
  • Our Wi-Fi Installation and Support services ensure your Wi-Fi network is carefully planned to ensure that all devices trying to access the network simultaneously can connect successfully. Our specialist design, implementation and support services aim to help your School to get the most from investment in wireless devices.

What's Included?

Service Features

BT Lancashire Services offer Wi-Fi solutions as a Managed Support Service.

Feature Description

Wi-Fi Solution Overview

Provision of technology to enable Wi-Fi including configuration and installation, access points, user setup for either simple or complex whole school solutions.

Site Survey

Site visit by engineer to assess viability of solution and environmental conditions e.g. number of access points required to maintain strong signal, space in comms cabinet, how to power equipment.

Installation Services

Installation carried out by specialist Wi-Fi network engineers. Can include additional cabling contractors if required to install new cabling for access points.

Highly Experienced Engineer Support

Regionally-based specialist field engineers for fast response to faults.