2019/2020 Service Definition

Internet Filtering (Netsweeper)

About the Service

Our Internet Filtering (Netsweeper) service, provides safe, filtered and logged web access by schools for both staff and students

It provides you with the flexibility to locally manage, monitor and control access to websites. The service provides the following functionality for schools:

  • Education focused web filtering.
  • Ability to filter based on IP address ranges or by using an external directory such as your School's active directory domain.
  • Local control to allow your School to manage which websites it wishes to allow or block.
  • Monitoring and alerting of web access

What are the benefits?

  • Schools are able to implement granular filtering themselves based on their own classroom or user needs, removing the need to contact BT Lancashire Services to request individual websites are blocked / unblocked.
  • Schools do not require any filtering equipment to be installed in school with this service.
  • Assists schools in fulfilling their safeguarding duties through the use of reports and alerts.