2018/2019 Service Definitions

Broadband & Online Services Bundle

Our broadband services are specifically designed for schools, featuring additional education focused services to help schools meet their safeguarding, teaching and learning needs. Our range of three broadband bundles all connect into the CLEO Broadband network and are based on tried and tested services, providing schools with a choice of which essential services to include.

Broadband Bundle Options 2018/2019


Our most popular Broadband and Online Services bundle incorporating essential products and services for your school. It ensures that your school benefits from inclusive education focused services to support online learning. Broadband bandwidth includes options for Primary and Secondary Schools.


Our Broadband plus Filtering option is tailored specifically for Secondary schools. This service aims to provide Secondary schools with more flexibility by focusing on broadband and filtering only, while still having the benefit of being part of a private Wide Area Network (WAN) for schools. Other services can then be managed in-house.


Our Small Broadband and Online Services Bundle offers Primary, Nursery, Special and Short-Stay/PRU schools flexibility on the features to include in their bundle. The bundle excludes School Website, Moodle and MDM licenses which can all be purchased separately if required.

Service Features

Please refer to the separate definition for each feature for more information on what it includes. Our support model ensures that if your school should ever need assistance that our engineers help ensure your service is back up and running, minimising disruption to students, teaching and administration staff.

Feature Description Full Bundle Secondary School Broadband and Filtering Bundle  Small Broadband & Online Services Bundle


  • Variety of broadband technologies providing a range of bandwidths up to 1 Gbps (See Broadband section for more information on the type of connection provided to your school).
  • Designed for education to support media rich learning
  • High capacity with unlimited data usage
  • Connection to the private CLEO broadband network and interconnection with the Universities JANET broadband network, as well as a second 10Gbps internet feed to ensure resilience.
  • All our broadband products include connection to our CLEO Secure Schools Network for added e-security
  • Fully managed service support with helpdesk
  • Includes all hardware and no additional charges for fault resolution callouts or replacement of faulty broadband hardware
  • Includes an upgrade to our Superfast Broadband for Schools service (Primary, Nursery, Special and PRU customers only – subject to availability)
(Please refer to the Broadband section for full details of bandwidth and contract options)
Yes Yes Yes

Secure Network

Cleo Secure Schools Network

Connection to the CLEO private high capacity schools network (WAN), providing enhanced network security protection for pupils/staff and interconnection to the National Education Network (The NEN) via JANET the Universities network.  Yes Yes  Yes 

Internet Filtering (Lightspeed Systems)

Our broadband service includes access to our central Lightspeed Systems HTTP and HTTPS filtering system for safe internet access. This service is popular with schools and includes local control and reporting features that can integrate with your school's Active Directory to tailor filtering to groups.

Internet filtering now includes an option for schools to add secure search (SSL) filtering (inclusive within your bundle).

Yes  Yes Yes

Remote Access

Remote Access Options

A range of remote access services for Schools on our Secure Schools Network, including the popular Remote Desktop service to enable access to SIMS and other files/applications on the school network from home for Head teachers, teachers and School Business Managers. Includes licences for Oracle's Secure Desktop to give your staff work flexibility. Essential for access when working remotely. Yes  Yes Yes 


Cloud Applications

Microsoft Office 365 (Email And Office Cloud Apps)


Our email service uses the Education version of Microsoft Office 365, a cloud based service which includes the following functionality:

  • Email – Staff and student email including group calendaring.
  • SharePoint online – Staff document repository and collaboration environment including school website
  • OneDrive Pro – Cloud based storage for staff and student
  • Microsoft Office Web Apps – Basic Office functionality using Office Web Applications
  • Lync Basic – Instant messaging, collaboration and video conferencing

Our Office 365 for Education service provides helpdesk support. Please refer to our website for full details.

Yes   No  Yes


School websites

Includes use of our website content management system (CMS) and associated website hosting and domain name management. Our easy to use CMS ensures you can keep your own website up to date, publishing essential information for parents quickly and easily avoiding expensive web design company charges for simple content amendments.

Yes Optional Add-on Optional Add-on


School Websites

Domain Name Management


A fully managed service for all aspects of Domain Name Registration and DNS Management for your School's external domain name. Yes No Yes


Mobile Device Management

This service includes licences for Lightspeed Mobile Device Management to manage pupils' and staff mobile devices

E.g. iPads, including the ability to deploy apps to multiple devices simultaneously. We also offer options for installation and a support service (please see separate information for the Mobile Device Management service).

Yes Optional Add-on Optional Add-on


Virtual Learning Environment


Our cloud hosted mini-Moodle is included in our Full Broadband and Online Services Bundle.

We also offer a separate chargeable cloud hosted service for larger Moodle's, should your school's needs outgrow the inclusive service. This service offers two options based on a managed service or technical management only and can be bought separately by schools seeking a hosted Moodle service.

Please refer to the Virtual Learning Environment (Moodle) section.

Yes  Optional Add-on Optional Add-on


Content Resources for Teachers


Your broadband bundle also provides access to the following fantastic content services, accessible only via your School's broadband connection:

  • Free access and downloads from the internationally acclaimed British Pathe Archive.
  • As a NEN connected School you also benefit from Free Access to a wide range of NEN resources developed by other Regional Broadband See www.nen.gov.uk for full list of available resources.

Your NEN connection also provides access to JANET peering that provides dedicated access for CLEO connected schools to:

  • Microsoft EU
  • Google
  • BBC

The following learning resource websites are hosted on our central content infrastructure and are freely available to all UK schools:

  • CLEO learning resources archive cleo.net.uk and www.artisancam.org.uk
  • Please note the NEN licence for the Audio Networks archive is currently valid until 30 June 2018. Your school can continue to have free access and downloads from the copyright cleared music clips until then.
Yes Yes  Yes


Content Services (Subscription Based)


By subscribing to one of our broadband bundles your school also gains access to our specially negotiated discounts on the following:

  • Discovery Education Espresso
  • Discovery Education Coding (KS1-2)
  • Discovery Education Secondary (KS3-4)

Please see the Content Services section for more information.

Optional add-on  Optional add-on   Optional add-on

Engineer Support

Engineer Support & Hardware Replacement

Our broadband service includes support from specialist field engineers for fast response to faults. The majority of our broadband faults are resolved in less than two hours, often without a site visit.

Should this be required, your broadband service includes free on-site visits and free replacement of your broadband hardware in the event of failure, ensuring that disruption to your School is minimised.

Yes Yes Yes

Ict Support

BT Lancashire Services ICT Service Centre

Operational from 8am to 6pm (Monday – Friday excluding Bank Holidays and statutory leave days), with escalation routes ensuring that if your school does experience problems with the service, that our staff are focused on solving your issues. Yes Yes Yes 

Why do I need it?

Access to high speed internet services is an essential part of teaching and learning online and also ensures that your school has enough capacity to support essential school management services. With more and more schools moving to services such as Microsoft Office 365, virtual learning, mobile device management and off-site secure data backup to the cloud, it is essential more than ever to have a secure, education focused, highly reliable, high bandwidth broadband connection with dedicated support staff.

What are the benefits?

All our broadband connections connect your school directly to the CLEO broadband network, a private broadband network for schools covering Cumbria, Lancashire and the wider North-West. This high capacity private network helps ensure schools internet traffic avoids the congestion of publicly available services. The CLEO broadband network was originally constructed in 2001 using central Government, Local Authority and schools funding and has been through 2 major upgrades since this time. It has been helping to protect pupils while learning online for over 15 years.

The CLEO network connects to the internet through the high capacity UK Universities (JANET) network enabling it to interconnect with other regional schools' networks across the UK to form The National Education Network (The NEN), as well as a second 10Gbps internet feed to ensure resilience. We also provide additional security through our own central firewall and DDoS protection for schools.

This also ensures the CLEO broadband network can access resources directly peered with JANET, without using the public internet. Read more about the benefits of JANET peering for schools here http://www.nen.gov.uk/nen-peering-interconnection-benefits/


Connection to the JANET universities network brings many benefits to schools, helping to keep your internet secure including:

  • The Janet backbone runs at 200Gbit/s (total interconnection capacity of around 1Tbit/s)
  • Capacity to serve over 1000 Higher Education, Further Education and research institutes and all the UK schools. The network is regarded as mission critical to the UK’s knowledge economy.
  • Extensive investment in network security infrastructure, including Denial of Service (DDOS) protection. As CLEO is directly connected to JANET it benefits from the JANET CSIRT (computer security incident response team) helping to identify security incidents and risks.