2019/2020 Service Definition

Discovery Education Resources

About the Service

BT Lancashire Services offers schools access to a range of online interactive educational classroom resources, including specially discounted rates for subscriptions to Discovery Education services. Services include Discovery Education Espresso and Discovery Education Coding. Discovery Education partners with like-minded organisations to captivate pupils, empower teachers, and transform classrooms with customised solutions that increase academic achievement.

Discovery Education Espresso is a cross-curricular learning service for teachers and pupils covering Foundation to Key Stage 2. Containing over 23,000 digital resources, including short videos, interactive games, printable resources and more, Espresso supports delivery of the National Curriculum with flexible resources supporting any teaching style.

Resources are curated into modules supporting specific objectives and include point-of use teacher support. The Espresso News area, a BETT 2019 finalist, delivers age-appropriate news features helping pupils understand the world they live in and makes connections to what they are learning in the classroom. Multiple tools enable users to search by curriculum objective, subject or resource type ensuring that all educators and pupils are able to use Espresso to its fullest potential.

With a focus on computational thinking and problem solving, Discovery Education Coding (Key Stage 1 and 2), contains over 100 step-by-step lessons for Block Coding, HTML and Python. Resources are grouped into units that scaffold learning by guiding users from beginners to creating their own apps. Teacher resources and comprehensive lesson plans ensure educators are fully supported so whether they’re a Coding novice or a Coding guru they’ll confidently deliver the National Curriculum coding objectives in a fun and engaging way.

What are the benefits?

  • Discovery Education Espresso is suitable for Foundation to Year 6 pupils and makes lessons memorable, saves teachers' time and strengthens pupils' learning and understanding.
  • To enhance teaching and learning for school-aged pupils.
  • To help teachers with lesson planning, searching for and creating their own content. Our teacher planning area contains easy to follow guidance on using Espresso, curriculum mapping and instructional tools.
  • To help maximise the investments schools have made in ICT technology.

What's Included?

Service Features

Feature Description



Discovery Education Espresso

Discovery Education Espresso


  • A leading digital curriculum subscription-only service providing schools with award winning, video-rich cross-curricular content.
  • Supports the National Curriculum and the successful integration of digital media into teaching and learning.
  • Containing more than 23,000 digital media resources for all subjects across Foundation to Key Stage 2. See what’s popular with teacher’s nationwide by accessing the top ten, including how to find the resources on Espresso at: discoveryeducation.co.uk/top10
  • Including Espresso Phonics - a series of modules based on the Department for Education’s ‘Letters and Sounds’ programme that provides structured videos and activities to complement any core synthetic phonic programme.
  • Featuring daily and weekly video bulletins, 2019 BETT Award finalist Espresso News brings the world’s biggest news stories to thousands of primary school classrooms every day – delivering dynamic age-appropriate content to help children engage with current affairs.
  • Rich multimedia content proven to increase pupil attainment - including Video Zone, a dedicated area for pupils to work independently, with real-world STEM connections.
  • Gets pupils SATs-ready - try our Lesson routes at home. There’s a wealth of literacy and Maths resources to support your SATs revision prep.
  • Either teacher-led or pupils can work on their own in a safe online environment.
  • Espresso content is updated weekly and consists of curated learning resources that can be used flexibly within lessons, to suit any teaching style. Find new modules on our "What’s New" page in the Teacher Planning area.
  • Allows access to creative, research-based instructional Spotlight on Strategies, created by teachers for teachers.
  • Delivered direct to your school from the BT Lancashire Services central data centre over your broadband connection.
Espresso with Pupil Home Access
  • Provides additional content for pupils that can be accessed from home.
  • Purchased as an add-on to the main service.

Discovery Education Coding

Discovery Education Coding

Discovery Education Coding provides support for teaching coding in primary schools, supporting KS1 and KS2 objectives.

The service includes:

  • Over 100 step-by-step lessons with introductory videos.
  • Teacher resources and lesson plans for Block coding, Python and HTML.
  • Free code lessons and open-ended challenges.
  • Debugging lessons to help pupils problem solve.
  • A personal school web page to showcase pupils' Block coding apps.
  • iPad-friendly activities
Discovery Coding also helps your school evidence your commitment to coding across the school and maximise investment in ICT technology, helping you to meet Ofsted's expectations in this part of the curriculum.