2019/2020 Service Definition

Content Resources for Teachers

About the Service

BT Lancashire Services offers schools access to a range of online interactive educational classroom resources, as part of their subscription to our Broadband and Online Services Bundle.

These services support and enhance teaching and learning by providing access to national resources and downloads aligned to the curriculum.

What are the benefits?

The service provides the following:

  • Content that has been selected as suitable for school-aged pupils.
  • Resources to aid teachers' lesson planning.
  • Help for teachers to search for and create their own content.
  • Add additional value to your school's investment in ICT technology.

Access to resources from around the UK via the National Education Network.

What's Included?

Service Features

Your broadband bundle provides inclusive access to the following fantastic content services.

Feature Description

 British Pathe

British Pathé


BT Lancashire Services have negotiated access to British Pathé for our broadband connected customers. This service is only accessible via your School's broadband connection. 

All schools, but of particular interest to History/RE departments and also with wide ranging historical interest for cross- curricular activities.

Free access within school to the internationally acclaimed British Pathé Archive, widely used by TV and Film. Schools are able to download and use high quality clips from the online Archive.

Includes over 90,000 video clips and stills covering a vast array of national and regional historical news and events including WW1, WW2, weather events, Everest, Churchill, royalty and the weird and wonderful!

As a NEN connected School you also benefit from licence agreements negotiated by The NEN – National Education Network for access to resources created by other regions around the UK. The services are only available to schools who purchase one of our Broadband and Online Services Bundles and are not available outside school. These include:

Feature Description

Audio Network

Audio Networks Archive 


Staff and pupils have free access in school to over 80,000 copyright cleared music clips, frequently used by professional media companies. This collection has been specially created for NEN connected schools to ensure the content is suitable for use in Education.

The National Education Network has recently agreed (2018) a renewal of the licence for all NEN connected schools. Lookout in 2019 for new features on the Audio Networks platform making the service even easier to use.


Restricted Access resources

The NEN – National Education Network Resources 


These previously open resources are now only available to schools connecting to the NEN with our broadband service. A variety of resources from the Regional Broadband Consortia, including fantastic collections from London Grid for Learning and E2BN.

Some examples of the excellent resources include:

  • The Cold War
  • Polar Expedition
  • Broadcast Engineering and Maths
  • History of Computing
  • Viking Adventures at the British Museum
  • The Tudors in London
  • The Romans in London
  • The M Room – listening sites in World War II

Open Access resources 

The NEN – National Education Network Resources


A number of resources developed either by the Regional Broadband Consortia or in collaboration with other organisations are openly available to all schools and don't require users to be connected to a CLEO broadband connection.

Examples include:

Learn more about the world of finance:



CLEO Learning Resource Archive


The CLEO website hosts a wide range of online resources developed between 2005 and 2010. This website is maintained as an archive only.

Artisancam Archive


Originally funded by the Department of Culture Media and Sport, CLEO and many other partners, this BAFTA award winning website includes footage and activities to support Art education. Featuring contemporary artists including Anthony Gormley and Andy Goldsworthy. This website is maintained as an archive only.