2019/2020 Service Definition

CLEO Secure Schools' Network

About the Service

The CLEO Secure Schools' Network is an integral part of the broadband service we provide to schools. The CLEO network is a private wide-area network for schools in Cumbria, Lancashire and wider across the North-West. It provides a safe and secure environment for pupils and staff to access online resources and content.

As part of our commitment to ensuring that your school's internet usage is as secure as possible this service forms an unseen, but vital part, of what makes our Broadband and Online Services Bundles the de facto standard for schools internet provision. Inbound and outbound data on our school broadband connections pass through a series of firewalls, filters and gateways to help ensure that data is safe and allowed. When coupled with our Internet Filtering service, it ensures your school's technology can meet the standards expected under the new GDPR rules and support the online safeguarding requirements expected of schools by Ofsted. All data is subject to a series of rules that are focused on delivering an online service motivated by the requirements of education.

The CLEO network connects to the internet through the high capacity UK Universities (JANET) network enabling it to interconnect with other regional schools' networks across the UK to form The National Education Network (The NEN) and to provide direct peering with major services such as the BBC, Google and Microsoft. In addition, CLEO has a separate 10Gbps third party internet feed to ensure resilient connections to the internet.

It also ensures that when staff access services in school from external locations, that this is achieved in a controlled and protected way.

What are the benefits?

  • ​Seamlessly integrated with your broadband connection and our centrally managed schools internet filtering
  • Makes managing your school's internet access safer and easier
  • Helps support your school to meet the online safeguarding requirements expected by Ofsted
  • Helps ensure your school meet the standards expected for data security under the new GDPR rules
  • Managed by our specialist firewall and network security experts
  • Flexible security policies designed to meet school's needs
  • No need to purchase and manage additional complex firewall hardware locally for your school
  • Centrally managed communication with JANET Cyber Security specialists (JISC) in the event JANET CSIRT identify a cyber-security incident affecting your school's broadband connection and the wider universities and schools broadband network.