2017/2018 Service Definition


About the Service

What is it?

Our broadband connections are available at different bandwidths. Each connect directly to the CLEO broadband network, a dedicated Wide Area Network for schools in Cumbria, Lancashire and across the North-West, avoiding much of the congestion of publicly available services. Our broadband bundles include a range of essential features and value added services.

The CLEO network was originally constructed using Government, Local Authority and schools funding and has been helping to protect pupils while learning online for over 15 years. The network connects to the internet through the high capacity UK Universities (JANET) network enabling it to interconnect with other regional schools' networks across the UK to form The National Education Network (The NEN).

Why do I need it?

Internet access is essential to teaching and critical to the management of schools. Broadband services need to be tailored to schools' requirements.

What are the benefits?

Our broadband provides high speed internet with unlimited data usage. It includes filtering designed for schools with essential security features and all connectivity equipment that is configured and managed as part of the service.

With over 15 years' experience of delivering internet services tailored specifically to schools, BT Lancashire Services staff provide essential expertise to support your school with first class educational broadband.

Our latest packages and services continue to lead the way in supporting learning online and protecting pupils while using the internet.

What's Included?

Service Features

  • Broadband designed for Education, offered with a range of bundled features and services
  • Supports media-rich learning
  • High capacity with a range of broadband speeds up to 1Gbps to suit your school's needs
  • Unlimited data usage
  • Managed service with full support
  • Security features designed specifically for schools – all our broadband connections connect to the CLEO broadband network. Full details are described in the CLEO Secure Schools' Network section.
  • The CLEO broadband network connects to the internet via the UK Universities (JANET) network and has dual connections in Manchester (10Gbps) and Carlisle (1Gbps).
  • CLEO benefits from the JANET network's high-speed peering connections with organisations such as the BBC, Google and Microsoft ensuring schools traffic can pass directly to services such as Office365 and Google search, as required.

Broadband Options for Primary, Nursery, Special and Short-Stay Schools 

Download Speed (Mbps) Upload Speed (Mbps) Usage Limit Service Details
Up to 80Mb Up to 20Mb Totally Unlimited

Superfast Broadband for Schools

For current customers we automatically upgrade your School to our superfast broadband once the service is available in your area. Based on fibre-to-the-cabinet (FTTC), bonded fibre-to-the-cabinet or fibre-to-the premises on demand (FTTPoD) this service includes free installation1 and a guaranteed upload speed (min 8Mbps).

10Mb 10Mb Totally Unlimted

10Mbps Broadband service

Based on either bonded multiple copper lines, radio or leased fibre to ensure both upload and download speeds (symmetrical) are at least 10Mbps. For existing customers, if we are unable to provide our up to 80Mbps download and up to 20Mbps Superfast Broadband Service to your school2 we will ensure that you receive this alternative service.

40Mb 40Mb Totally Unlimited

40Mbps Broadband service

Based on fibre right to your school building to ensure both upload and download speeds (symmetrical) of 40Mbps3.

100Mb 100Mb Totally Unlimited

100Mbps Broadband Service

Based on fibre  right to your school building to ensure both upload and download speeds (symmetrical) of 100Mbps3.


1. Free installation applies to existing customers only. For new customers we will be pleased to provide a quote for your School.

2. The option for Superfast Broadband for Schools is dependent on the national rollout of fibre-to-the-cabinet (FTTC) being carried out by industry supplier Openreach. All providers are dependent on the project timeline for availability in order to offer their own product options.

3. Installation, configuration or excess construction charges may also apply for new customers, depending on your current service and geographical location. Please ask us for a quote for your School's requirements. Contact educationsales@btlancashire.co.uk

Broadband Options for Secondary Schools

We offer a number of options for fibre broadband suitable for Secondary schools. Our secondary schools service provide symmetrical upload and download speeds and include guaranteed levels of service and performance.  Our services for secondary schools are based on leased fibre or our own ultra-high capacity dark fibre.

Download Speed (Mbps) Upload Speed (Mbps) Usage Limit Price Includes
100Mb 100Mb Totally Unlimited


We currently provide all these options to Secondary schools connected to our network. For new customers we would be pleased to provide a quote for your school4.

Connections are based on leased fibre or dark fibre right to your school building to ensure symmetrical upload and download speeds.



200Mb 200Mb Totally Unlimited
1Gb 1Gb Totally Unlimited


4. Installation, configuration or excess construction charges may also apply for new customers, depending on your current service and geographical location. Please ask us for a quote for your School's requirements. Contact educationsales@btlancashire.co.uk



Service Support

Support Description

Fault Investigation and Resolution

Specialist field engineers for fast response to faults. Many faults can be resolved without a visit to your school but, should this be required, our engineers are fully equipped to resolve most incidents in a single site visit.

Fully Managed Service

All hardware provided for the service is covered under warranty and any maintenance, repair or replacement will be carried out by our own BT Lancashire Services engineers for the duration of the contract, ensuring you have fast and efficient support for your school.

Schools do not have to pay for site visits or replacement of faulty equipment (except in the event of damage due to Third Parties, force majeure or vandalism or when a school requests equipment to be relocated – please refer to our terms and conditions).

Support  from BT Lancashire Services ICT Service Desk

Operational from 8am to 6pm (Monday – Friday excluding Bank Holidays and statutory leave days), with escalation routes ensuring that if your school does experience problems with the service, that our staff are focussed on solving your issues.

What Does it Cost?

For existing customers please refer to your school's charges in your annual pricing letter (issued in December each year), or if you are not currently a customer and are interested in our broadband options please contact our Business Relationship Managers at EducationSales@btlancashire.co.uk for a quote. Prices for your school are dependent on technology, bandwidth, services and number of pupils.

All of our broadband pricing options include a range of bundled services aimed to support schools. Please refer to our Service Definition for our Broadband and Online Services Bundles for full details of all the services included and the options available to customise your bundle.